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Additional Information

Special Invitation Films were decided!
The first one is “I wish” which is directed by director Hirokazu Koreeda.
The second one is “Siawase no Pan”(Bread of Happiness) which stars Tomoyo Harada and Yo Oizumi and the story is about journey.
Moreover, an urgent additional screening is ready for a road movie from Thailand.

The situation of this year

There are over 20 works from China.
Also we received the number of works from Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan more than last year.
The aim of this event is meeting and discussion between people in media and tourism industries in order to materialize the promotion of tourism in each countries in Sapporo, Hokkaido more the aim of competition.
This year, Koreeda Hirokazu’s film will become the invited film this year.
Also, the excellent travelogue of 2011 and 2012 will be screened and the entrance fee is free.
There is also a work from Russia called which the locality can be seen.

The charm of Hokkaido was found

It is the HP of the animation of the charm of Hokkaido.
The application period was finished, but you can watch the participants’ work there.
I think you can find some animation and view that you interested in.
Please have a look.


from today

We will start the international co-production project with Vietnam today.
Not only Japanese people hope that the power of fashion can help Tohoku reconstruction, the power of fashion also become the hope of Asian people.

The daily of Egypt

ファイル 36-1.jpg

This is the view which uploaded by the travel company in Egypt.
It called café street.
Photo of the Day ( El fishawy Cafe - قهوة الفيشاوى )
It looks like a picture.
It is the the start of the trip or the end of the trip? Who can find it?

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