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The necessary thing is…

This video is made by the travel company in Egypt. It’s such a DIY work.
There are many comments of the video, however, we can see that it is good for encourage the travel industry.
I think the intention is very precious.

Thanks for waiting

Lost in Japan#1 Japanese version
It is Jyogai market which mostly as an optional tour in Sapporo.

Coming soon

Thank you for access to our site = asiatabi usually.
We will upload “Nanjing” which is one of the participating works of last year to our HP soon.
It talks about the history of China by using beautiful visual.
If you have any favorite travelogue or film, please tell us.
Maybe we can show us in the coming autumn grand prix.

We are waiting for you

Hello, everyone! As Thailand, Please send me video or movie which were having broadcasted in your country.

A strange journey

This strange video about travel is also sent by the producer from Thailand.
The program is called WISH US LUCK.
Please answer it.

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