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RayMac’s work 1

RayMac Sapporo series, Chapter 8-1. The high school students were having big parfait during graduation trip.

World- Cruise 2

This video is made by Mr. Eikawa which shows the street of Taipei.

World - Cruise

This short movie is made by a artist,Mr. Eikawa Yuki who win the award in yahoo grand prix 2011.
His work only shows beautiful visual of the world through the sound of the street, without narration and music. So, the viewers just like inside the street.
BLUE-RAY DVD are also released.
We want to invite him in the coming event.

One more

It is also a journey.
This is the work of Mr. Shimohama Rintaro which was awarded in Yahoo 2006.

The promotion of the street

This video was sent by the owner of travel bus in Rome.
In Rome, this kind of video can be used freely.
Of course the music and the performers are very attractive, the promotion of the street split like edited video.
So,itt reminds me one of the participating works from Nanjing Television. It not just only report the history, it also shows the beautiful visual.
If there is chance, let me introduce it to you.

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