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Please have a look

This is the promotion video of the work which won the grand prix last year.
The Thailand team produced the DVD of their work.
It is very interesting. I haven’t ever seen these kind of promotion video.
They sent it to our office. It hard to bring, but it is funny.
Please have a look of it.

Information Updated

We will start to collect the works of 2012 very soon.
The team of Thailand, who is the winner of last year, seems on their trip continuously.
We hope they can participate this year and want to hear how they spent the prize money.
Maybe someone had already known about that, but I want to tell you that we have uploaded the work of Nanjing Television, China in asiatabicom channel on youtube.


This animation was shared by Mr. Warodom from Thailand.
If you have watched "YAMAKASI" which is a French film produce by Luc Besson, you should know what is Parkour. Parkour is a sport that jump over fences as ninja, and run on the wall.
The guide book of training and preparation used the phase of “Beginning of the journey” is quite interesting.
Parkour is also the journey. Although the animation is very short, I interested it very much. Interesting!

The sound of the district

This video was shared by the World Cruise.
It is Japan, and it is the sound of Japan.
In Hokkaido, there is also the sound of Hokkaido.

The letter from the wind

This is the promotional video of Bhutan. Wind can be seen at Himalayan Mountains.

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