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Bring with the Journey

It is introduced by Mr. Tamura in Hokkaido.
It is not a video but it also one of the media, so I bring it to you.

Shobunsha Publications – Journey and travel MAPPLE
“Where shall we go tomorrow?” Journey and travel MAPPLE by Shobunsha Publications.
The Homepage of Shobunsha http://www.mapple.co.jp/
Shobunsha twitter http://twitter.com/mapple_twi
MAPPLE travel twitter http://twitter.com/MappleTravel
MAPPLE travel facebook http://facebook.com/mappletravel
ことりっぷtwitter http://twitter.com/cotrip_twi

Festival Asia TV& Film on Journey of this year...

Our event will let the general public to join with us and have fun together in 2012.

The report of recent state

In 2012, we are preparing for the collaboration with the production company in Beijing, China.
The announcement will be coming soon.

Participation of the team of India

The team of India will participate on the festival of 2012.
We heard about there are many travelogues in India.
We are looking forward of their works.

History and Culture

This is one of the short stories 80 episodes series TV programs in Nanjing which was produced by the Nanjing Television, one of the participants in last year.
The story of episodes 47 is about a novelist called Pearl Sydenstriker Buck who wrote “The Good Earth”.
I think there are many this kind of short story which arranges the history and culture together in the world.
If you know some works are beautiful and meaningful, please introduce to us.

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