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Travel of the History

It was shared by my foreign friend who likes travel very much. The video is about the carnival of the crusaders in 11th century.
Although the sadness, anger and happiness was covered by the expressionless masks, different feelings and emotions was felt deep inside my heart.
This kind of video is also a kind of travelogue.

The works of the competition are being showed

Grand Prix of 2011 are being showed just now.
You can watch them through our homepage, asiatabi.com or YOUTUBE Channel /asiatabi channel.
We have BIG News today which is asiatabi channel will cooperation with RayMacTV to start broadcasting the video of travel around the world and Japan, and send the travel information about Hokkaido in early February
Also, RayMacTV with Japanese subtitles is screened already.

The Second festival will be started very soon

The Festival 2012 will be coming soon and waiting for your great works!”
Please have a look of the list of winners in the last year.
Winner will get 1.5 million yen for the prize.


Touring Hokkaido

There is Film festival of bike touring In America.
It really seems like the film “Easy Rider”.
The location is in Hokkaido.
Our staff found out this video.
This is also journey.

It is also one of the methods

It was shared by the bus driver in Rome.
Anyway, he uses all kind of methods, such as photos, animation and virtual visual to introduce Rome.

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