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Thing that reverberate inside heart

Today is the ending of the New Year mood
When I was searching the world videos on the internet, I felt they were something different from the Countdown or new year video of the TV programs but I can’t say it clearly.
Was it taken by the bus driver in Rome? The people inside the video should be his family and they spent the time together in Christmas night. It leaves an impression on my mind.
It didn’t have much information, but it pierced the heart
I was quite happy that the big television outside New York Time Square is TOSHIBA, however, I can’t feel the passion of the customary kiss scene at the street corner.
Therefore, I only uploaded the video of Rome this year.
The heart can be shot by video.
If there is something with a wicked heart, I think only wicked can be shot.
The videos from Southeast Asia will be coming very soon.
The video of Thailand which talk about returning home on Christmas day is very good.
The handmade decorative illumination is far off, but it was much more warmer than the illumination of New York Time Square. This is the light of hometown.